JAV Terms Glossary

JAV means: Japanese Adult videos, also known as AV (adult video). There are many other terms associated to JAV. I present 3 lists with JAV terms: First list contains important JAV terms and translations. Second list contains alphabetically ordered from A-Z, JAV translations mostly. 3rd list is my top 10 Jav terms.

Some JAV terms are part of the western culture already, such as:

  • JAV = Japanese Adult videos
  • Hentai = Pervert
  • Bukkake = Ejaculating in the face of a partner

Others are just funny as hell, such as: Vitamin S ( sperm), Vanilla (also sperm), Shakuhachi ( Fellatio, which also means flute), Futanari (girl with fake penis),etc.


Aieki (愛液) — lit: love juice; male and/or female sexual secretions
Ana Kyōdai (穴兄弟) — lit: hole brothers, Two or more men that have had sex with the same woman.
Anaru (アナル) — anal sex
Aokan — outdoor sex
Ashikoki (足扱き) — using the feet to manipulate a sex partner’s penis
AV (エーヴィ) — AV is Japanese parlance for “adult video” (not audio/visual), and an AV girl or AV idol is an adult video star.


Baishunfu (売春婦) — prostitute
Bakku de (バックで)— doggy style
Banira (Vanilla) — sperm, ejaculation fluid
Bishōjo (美少女) — Really a term that describes any pretty girl, the word has come to refer to
the adult anime simulation games that are so popular in Japan.
Bishōnen (美少年) — beautiful boy
Bitamin esu (ビタミン・エス)— sperm, literal meaning “vitamin S”
Bobo (ぼぼ) — the vulva or vagina (Kyushu dialect)
Bukkake (打っ掛け, ブッカケ) — usually in group sex, ejaculating
onto the body or face of a sex partner


Cherigaru (チェリー・ガル) — a Cherry Girl, i.e., a virgin.
Chichi (乳) — breasts
Chikan — molester
Chikubi (乳首) — nipple(s)
Chijo (痴女) – Female Pervert (opposite of Chikan) – When talking about female perverts/groper or molestation by a female, the word is “痴女” (chijo) – although this seems to be a recent creation of the media, not a word with any lexical history.
Chiro — coitus “un”-interruptus; [lit: slow leak]
Chinara (ちなら)— a queef (or pussy fart)
Chinchin — penis
Also chinko (Tokyo dialect), chinchi, chinpo (Kansai dialect), and ochinchin (used mainly by children/women)
Chinchin Kenkyū (ちんちん研究) — “Penis Study”. A genre of pornography in which an “innocent” young woman (or women) is
presented with a well-built naked man to experiment with. Often there is an audience of a hundred women and only a few men;
several of the women will volunteer to try various sex acts on the men. Similar to CFNM.
Chinchi (wo) Shaburu — Fellatio
Chinge — male pubic hair
Chitsu (膣) — vagina
Comeroku — anal sex


Dankon (男根) — penis
Dan’yuu (男優) — male porn actor
Dekapai — large breasts
Dekachin — big penis
Deru — to ejaculate (lit. to come out/leave)
Doujin, doujinshi — fan-created manga, often with explicit content featuring popular characters
Douhan (同伴) — the taking out to dinner of a hostess before going to her club
Doutei — male virgin


Ecchi, ecchi-na (エッチ、 エッチな) — lewd, perverted. “H” is the first letter of the word “hentai.”
If a man touches a woman inappropriately, she may call him “H” (ecchi!). It is also a term for sex, i.e. “H suru” (to do H, i.e.
to have sex).
Ecchiban — Pornographic magazines
Enjo kosai (援助交際) — compensated dating (lit: assisted company)


Fakku, Fuck (ファック) — fuck
Fera, ferachio (フェラ、フェラチオ) — fellatio
Fukki(復帰) – JAV return, comeback
Funyachin (フニャチン) — Flaccid penis
Futanari, (二形、ふたなり) — Hermaphrodites (lit: ‘double form’)
Fuzoku (風俗) — A word which originally just meant “culture,” it now refers to “sexual culture” and specifically to
soaplands, image clubs, pink
salons and so on.


Gokkun (ゴックン) — This is the sound of swallowing to the Japanese. Gokkun movies usually
feature a girl who after performing oral sex to one or several men plays with the spent sperm before swallowing it, those girls
are called Gokkun Girls.
Gyakunan sareru (逆ナンされる) — being picked up or being solicited by a woman for sexual purposes (means literally reverse
Ganmen Shawa (顔面シャワー)— To “shower” ejaculate upon a woman’s face.
Gansha (顔射) — Abbreviation for “Ganmen Shawa”


H — see Ecchi
Hair Nude (ヘアヌード) — nude photo with pubic hair showing
Haizumo — fetish involving overweight female partners
Hamedori — sex from a male, 1st person point of view
Hameru (ハメル) — to have sex
Hame hame suru — to have sex
Harigata (張形) — dildo
Hentai (変態) — pervert
Hinnyū (貧乳) — small chest (lit. ‘poor breasts’)
Hitozuma (人妻) — to sleep with another man’s wife
Honkijiru (本気汁) — semen-like vaginal secretion that appears during sex. Probably secretions from the Skene’s gland.


Ichijiku kanchō (いちじくかんちょう) — an enema used before anal sex; it is called ichijiku (”fig”) because the enema is shaped
like a fig. Kanchō literally means “enema”.
Iku — achieving orgasm (lit. to go — analog to English slang use of “coming”)
Intai(引退) — retirement from JAV


Jūkan (獣姦) — bestiality


Karami (カラミ) – The act of having sex with another person, from foreplay to the final conclusion of cumming.
Ketsu (穴) — ass (buttocks)
Kintama (金玉) — testicles
Kintama tsubushi (金玉潰し) — sexual torture that involves squeezing a man by the testicles
Koku — to masturbate
Kondōmu (コンドーム) — condom
Kōmon (肛門) — anus
Kuritorisu/Kuri (クリトリス or クリ)— clitoris
Kuwaeru — fellatio (lit. to hold in one’s mouth)
Kyonyū (巨乳) — big chest (lit. ‘giant breasts’)


Lolicon, Rorikon (ロリコン) — the sexual attraction to fictional or real underage girls


Maguro — woman who stays passive during the whole sexual intercourse: maguro’s
original meaning is tuna.
Manko — the vulva or vagina
Manzuri — female masturbation
Mange — female pubic hair
Manjiru — vaginal secretions
Mazarin: — an illegal book containing uncensored sexual photos
Momo (桃-もも) — Peach, referring to the color of a woman’s vagina


Nakadashi (中出し) — ejaculation inside a vagina, a creampie (lit. to put inside)
Naked Sushi (露出した寿司) — A meal of sushi served on the body of a (paid) woman; generally followed by sex.
Nakinami — fisting
Nama-Fera (生フェラ) — fellatio without a condom, often used in the context of prostitution.
Nanpa suru (ナンパする) — flirting, or soliciting women for sexual acts
Neko (猫)— the submissive (bottom) in gay sex, see also uke
Ningen benki (人間便器) — human toilet,used in toilet-sex play
Nyotaimori (女体盛り) — body sushi, naked sushi
Nukeru Sakuhin(ヌケル作品)−videos you can masturbate to


Ogon (黄金) — lit.gold:excrement/shit, used in toilet-sex play
Okama — male homosexual, literally cooking pot, probably an influence of the
Portuguese slang for homosexuals, paneleiro
Omanko — the vagina
Omeko (おめこ) — the vulva or vagina (Osaka dialect)
Onanie (オナニー) — masturbation
Oppai (おっぱい) — breasts (usually considered inoffensive)
Oppai-seijin — a breast-fetishist
Ōraru sekkusu (オーラルセックス) — oral sex
Oshiri — butt, backside (inoffensive)
Oshiri Hana — anus (butt flower, inoffensive)


Paipan (パイパン) — shaved vagina
Paizuri (パイズリ) — mammary intercourse
Pechapai — small breasts, flat-chested
panchira — upskirts


Rezu, Rezubian (レズ、レズビアン) — lesbian


Sanpi (3P) — sexual intercourse done by three people at a time. It originated as an abbreviation for “Sannin Play”.
Sao Shimai (竿姉妹) — lit: Pole Sisters; Two or more women that have had sex with the same man.
Scatoro — scat; sexual acts involving excrement.
Shasei (射精) — Ejaculation.
Sefure (セフレ) Sex friend. Abbreviated form of sekkusu furendo) (セックスフレンド)
Seiki — semen (lit. vigor/vitality)
Seikō (性交) — sexual intercourse
Seishi (精子) — sperm
Seiyoku (性欲) — sexual desire
Seisui (聖水) — lit.holy water:urine,used in toilet-sex play
Sekkusu (セックス) — sex
Sekuhara — sexual harassment
Seme (攻め) — top
Senzuri — male masturbation
Shakuhachi — fellatio
Shibari — bondage
Shiofuki (潮吹き) (潮を吹く) — female ejaculation (also the Japanese word to describe a whale
spouting water)
Shikoru — the act of male masturbating
Shiri (尻) — buttocks
Shōnen-ai — Love between two males or boys expressed usually through hugging and/or kissing.
Shojo (処女) — virgin
Shotacon (ショタコン) — fetish for underage boys
Sukatoro — scat; sexual acts involving excrement.
Sukebei (助平、すけべ) — perverted, lecherous. Originally a male name.


Tachi (たち)— the aggressive (top) in gay sex
Tama (玉) — testicles
Tamakeri — A fetish that involves a pretty girl kicking men in the testicles. The ’slap’ sound effect that’s raised when the
kick lands home is said to be part of the attraction.
Tanima (谷間) — cleavage (breasts)
Tekoki (手コキ) — handjob
Tetsuman — woman who won’t have sex (lit: iron vagina)


Uke (受け) — bottom; receiver
Urabon (裏本) — an illegal book containing uncensored sex photos


Yaoi — A sub-set of ero (erotic)/hentai, it refers specifically to sexually explicit comics
(and doujinshi) about the love between males. Abbreviated from yami nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi’ which means ‘no climax, no
resolution, no meaning.’ This word is usually also incorrectly used to identify all shonen-ai even if there is no sex or sexual
situations present.
Yarichin (やりちん) — a man without inhibitions towards sex (lit: do-penis); the “chin” stands for “ochinko”, or penis
Yariman (やり万) — a woman without inhibitions towards sex (lit: do-10000); the “man” is the number ten thousand, also short for
“omanko”, or pussy
Yaru (やる) — to have sex (lit: to do)
Yuri — female/female homosexual comic or anime (lit: Lily)


Zāmen (ザーメン) — The Japanese pronunciation of the German word “Samen” (semen).

Top 10 JAV terms

  1. JAV. Japanese Adult Videos
  2. Bukkake: Ejaculating in the face.
  3. Gal: Fashion girl, usually tanned and overdressed.
  4. Futanari: Girl looking like a girl, but with a penis.
  5. Hentai, ecchi: Pervert.
  6. JK: High school girls, School uniforms.
  7. Iku: Reaching orgasm.
  8. Oppai: Breasts.
  9. Paipan: Shaved.
  10. Gokkun: Semen slurping, basically.